First Explorers: Season 2


Greetings, Continuum Citizens!

Welcome to the official Encyclopedium of First Explorers Season 2, the S2 of our large Continuum World event about exploration, finding natural resources, constructing buildings and completing missions.

First Explorers Season 2 will be released June 1st at 13:00 pm UTC. Find all the details about Season 2 in the coming pages: How to Play (game goals and mechanics), Biomes (natural elements and their resources) and Economics (numbers, % and revenues calculations). As a Free Play&Earn game, any type of player is welcome to participate, with or without inversion. Owning a land is valuable, but not mandatory.

Every season of the event lasts for 1 month. Then, there is a break of a couple of weeks with missions to burn reosurces. During this break the Season Ranking winners are announced, rewards sent and the UMi of the top 3º immortalized forever in our podium. After that, resources and buildings are reset (except batteries!) and a new season starts.

Remember our new Shop is already available. In there, new items can be purchased by using credit card (Stripe) and Crypto (BitPay). These will be added during Season 2, like UM Packs and Starter Pack.

What are you waiting for? Season 2 comes with a lot of changes! Try it out and have fun while earning our native token UM!