How to play

The goal of the event is to explore our map and find resources to complete missions. Take a look at Economics to learn more details about the points below.


Click on a natural element on the map to gather it and obtain resources. Depending on the rarity, the biome spawns different natural elements. Take a look at Biomes for more details.

Mystery Box

’?’ boxes may appear on the map. 1 energy is required to open them as well… and discover what’s on the inside: UMibot energy, $UM or ranking points.


UMibot requires energy to work properly. Each gathering consumes 1 energy, which is refilled automatically over time (up to 10).

Batteries can also be purchased with $UM by clicking the ‘+’ symbol. These can be used when running out of energy exactly in the same way.

Batteries are not reset after the end of the season.


$UM Staking

Players who own a land can construct one building per biome. Buildings produce automatically exclusive resources that cannot be found in wildlands. Its production accumulates until a certain limit is reached, but it can be harvested as long as one resource has been produced.

Depending on rarity, buildings produce a different resource; richness affects buildings production amount.

Buildings are not reset after the end of the season.

Using buildings as non-owner

Non-owners can still use buildings for a UM fee. The production amount and waiting time is fixed and cannot be altered. Non-owners have to wait until the whole production is over to harvest it. Owners receive revenues from the fees paid by non-owners.


Missions require 3 different resources, and can be completed any number of times to obtain the displayed reward. Once a mission runs out of rewards or expires, another one will substitute it.

There are always 14 different missions available for everyone: 12 require resources from a specific biome (including always resources from buildings), while 2 combines different biomes (resources from wildlands only).

Completing missions grant a wide variety of rewards: $UM, UMi boxes, ranking points and event-exclusive NFT items like clothing or decorations. In the future, users will be able to place decorations on their lands to unlock valuable land perks.


Missions and mysterious icons may grant points used for the global ranking that runs through the event. The best explorers will obtain rewards based on their points once the event finishes.

Every ranking lasts for a whole season, 1 month.

UMi Clothing

Unlike in the final game, in First Explorers all clothing items grant the same boost to your UMi: maximum drop and double drop chance increase.

Individual pieces of the same set (Landlord, Herbalist, Sand Dweller, etc.) increase the bonus level one by one, while costumes (VIP, Halloween, etc.) bonus increase depends on its rarity [Legendary (level 3), Epic (level 2), Rare (level 1)]. The maximum bonus level is 5, only obtainable by equipping a full set.